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Folly Bololey At Cafe Oto 27 June 2019


  Folly Bololey At Cafe Oto 27 June 2019
Audience Recording of the succesful gig of North Sea Radio Orchestra with John Greaves and Annie Barbazza and Fred Frith as special guest At Cafe Oto 27 June 2019 presenting the Dark Companion album FOLLY BOLOLEY - Songs from Robert Wyatt's Rock Bottom
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Duration: 1:33:46

00:00:00 Opening set by John Greaves
00:02:39 Bad Alchemy (Greaves/Blegvad)
00:04:35 Kew Rhone (Greaves/Blegvad)
00:09:35 The Song (Greaves/Blegvad)
00:14:33 The Forest (Wyatt)
00:20:30 Free Will And Testament (Wyatt/Kramer)
00:25:25 The British Road (Wyatt)
00:31:54 Maryan (Wyatt/Catherine)
00:37:36 Shipbuilding (McManus/Langer)
00:42:28 Sea Song (Wyatt)
00:48:58 A Last Straw (Wyatt)
00:54:26 Little Red Riding Hood Hit The Road (Wyatt)
00:59:44 Alifib (Wyatt)
01:07:05 Alife (Wyatt)
01:12:15 Little Red Robin Hood Hit The Road (Wyatt)
01:20:20 O Caroline (Wyatt/Sinclair)
01:26:51 Encore: Sea Song (Wyatt)

- Annie Barbazza: Lead Vocal/Farfisa Organ
- John Greaves: Bass guitar/Vocal/Spoken Word/Piano
- Nicky Baigent: Bb Clarinet/Bass Clarinet/Spoken Word
- Luke Crookes: Bassoon
- William D. Drake: Piano/Farfisa Organ/Vocal
- Harry Escott: Cello
- Craig Fortnam: Guitar/Farfisa Organ/Vocal
- Tommaso Franguelli: Vibes/Percussion
- Cheb Nettles: Drums
- Laurent Valero: Violin/Viola/Recorder/Bass Recorder
- Fred Frith: viola and laughter on "Little Red Robin Hood Hit The Road"

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