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This Is Rough Trade - A Singles Selection
Lies And Logic - Asmodaeus
We Dit It Again - The Modernaires
A Découvrir Absolument Volume 40
Heaps of Sheeps - The Hunt Saboteurs
Lisp Service - Monsieur Benjamin
Wildlife Supersampler - Various Artists
Wildlife Only #s One - 25 - Various Artists
Musicien Improbable - Alain De Filippis
Ce monde sauvage - Faubert
Ce monde sauvage - Faubert
Al Silencio - Carolina Katún
The MOJO Anthology
What Light There Is Tell Us Nothing (for Robert Wyatt)
History Of Rock Vol.4
So Much More - Loïs Le Van
Inédits - Bertrand Burgalat
The Emi Album Collection - Cristina Donà
Kot - Zapmachine
Life Size - John Greaves
Nostalgia Progressiva - Brunod-Li Calzi-Savoldelli
Parlami - Odeia
Parlami - Odeia
Hallelujah! - Frédéric Lo
The Future Eve featuring Robert Wyatt
Luna Atrás - Nadia Szachniuk
Songs by Wyatt (Live) - Grey Lotus
Burden Of Proof - Soft Machine Legacy
New Morning - The Paris Concert - Soft Machine Legacy
Soft Machine Legacy - Soft Works - Live In Tokyo 2003
Hidden Details - Soft Machine
Folly Bololey
Last1 And Last2 -  Caroline Kraabel
Smith - The Winstons
A Tribute Collection - Part One - Julie Constantine
Max Andrzejewski s Hütte & Guests Play the Music of Robert Wyatt - Max Andrzejewski s Hütte
How Can I Rise If You Don t Fall? - Eric Lareine - Pascal Maupeu - Wyatt - Marchetti
A Tribute Collection - Part Two - Julie Constantine
Field Music Play... - Field Music
Tutti Shruti  - Future Pilot AKA
Les mémoires d un ventriloque - Pascal Comelade
Soft Machine - Top Gear - Live In London 1967-1969
Bise de Buse joue sa musique
Paris Short Stories Saison 1 - Joce Miennel
Concert Anniversaire 30 Ans - Orchestre National de Jazz
Unattended Luggage - Nick Mason
The Henry Cow Box Redux - The Complete Henry Cow - 50th Anniversary
Return To Y Hup - The World Of Ivor Cutler
Serious Solid Swineheard Is Better Than Homecooked
Live In The UK - Brainville - Daevid Allen, With Hugh Hopper & Pip Pyle
Trial By Headline - Brainville3
Daevid Allen With Euterpe - Studio Rehearsal Tapes 1977 & With Brainville - Live In The UK
Orkestra Digitalis - Future Pilot AKA
Live In NYC 98 - Brainville 01 - Daevid Allen/Pip Pyle/Hugh Hopper/Kramer
Nothing Can Stop Us (US Reissue)
Virgin Original Series
Live At The BBC 1972 - Matching Mole
Cuneiform Promo 4
Unconditionally Guaranteed 2 (Uncut s Guide To The Month s Best Music)
  Live In London - The Soft Machine  
Volume One And Volume Two - The Soft Machine
Resolutionary - Vivien Golman
Revolution - The Spirited Sounds of 1969
BBC Radio 1 Live In Concert - Kevin Ayers And The Whole World
  Precis.Aimant - Carla Diratz/Pascal Vaucel  
Fan N0.2 - Barbara Morgenstern
Rough Streets
Sub-versions de salon vol. 2 - Pascal Comelade
Songs from Before Reissue - Max Richter
Blitz Aprova Os Melhores De 2007
Les Trèsors (1982-1999) - Claustrofobia
Lullabies For Catatonics: A Journey Through The British Avant-Pop/Art Rock Scene 1967-74
Les TresOrs (1982-1999) (Reissue) - Claustrofobia - 2006
Live At Royal Albert Hall In London On 13th August 1970 - The Soft Machine
Double Up - Phil Miller/Fred Baker
Drop - Soft Machine
For Girls Who Grow Plump In The Night - Caravan
Recommended Records
Sampler Reissue
 A Short Break (Picture disc reissue) - Robert Wyatt
Live In France - Soft Machine
 Biko/Amber And The Amberines - Robert Wyatt
Live In Paris - Soft Machine
Classics From John Peel s All-Time Festive Fifty
A Certain Kind/Make It All Go - Zapata
Tribute To Soft Machine - Polysoft
The Sweetest Girl - German Edition - Scritti Politi
Truly Yours - Artchipel Orchestra
The Sweetest Girl - French Edition - Scritti Politi
Live At Roma - Dans Dans
Henry Bengoa Inventarium - Ruper Ordorika
Untried Ways - Solaris Great Confusion
Artlessy Falling - Mary Halvorson s Code Girl
The BBC Archives: 1971-1977 - Henry Cow
Transe de Papier - Lo Jo
  L Argot Du Bruit - Pascal Comelade  
Late 70s-Early 80s + Old Rottenhat - Robert Wyatt
Keep it Slow - Low Motion Disco
I Have A Dream - Anaïd
Anaïd In Parïs - Anaïd
Sea Song - Bill Callahan & Bonnie Prince Billy
L Argot Del Soroll  - Pascal Comelade
Double Bummer + - Bongwater
O Caroline - Éric Barret Septet
Songs From The Beginning - Alain Blesing
Acoustic Live - Berry Sakharof
Double Bummer - Bongwater
Ashes To Ashes - Series 3 Original Soundtrack
What s Rattlin On The Moon?  - Beppe Crovella
Live At The Baked Potato - Soft Machine
Natural Resources - Squid
Arcticana - Ian James Stewart
More Sad Hits - Damon & Naomi
El Primitivismo / Sentimientos - Pascal Comelade
Home Protests - The Mystery Jets
Further Perspectives & Distortion – An Encyclopedia Of British Experimental And Avante-Garde Music 1976-1984
Memories - Material
Memories - Material - version française
A Certain Kind Of Everybody - Weyes Blood
Positive Feedback - Some Things
Canción Del Océano (Sea Song) - Honduras
Live At Royal Albert Hall In London On 13th August 1970 - Soft Machine
  Promo 2003 - Brian Eno  
Absolute - Scritti Politti
Psychic Temple Plays Music For Airports - Psychic Temple
Thank You For... - Bridget St. John
Paris 1970 - Soft Machine
Complete Live In Paris 1970 - Soft Machine
Untitled - Various Artists
The ORTF Archives: Broadcasts And Live Recordings 1967-1969 - Soft Machine
Phénomènes Suprasegmentaux - DJ****
Ez Da Posible (Reissue) - Ruper Ordorika
Live Archives 1969 - Soft Machine
Spring A.P. Sampler - Alternative Press
La Via Negativa - Timet & Lorenzo Brusci
Shadows - Timet & Lorenzo Brusci
Live At The Fleece - University Of Errors
Live At Top Gear BBC, 10 June 1969 - Soft Machine
John Peel Session (12th January 1973) - Hatfield & The North
Hatwise Choice - Hatfield & The North
Heaven On The BBC - Hatfield & The North
Hook-Line & Sinclair - Dave Sinclair
3ª Compilación Rough Trade
Hattitude - Hatfield & The North
The Harvest Years 1969-1974 - Kevin Ayers
Mercy Dash - Hopper / Dean / Tippett / Gallivan
Viaje Com A Excelsior - A Máquina Do Som - Volume 3
Live At Le Triton 2004 - Soft Bounds
Live 1967-69 - Soft Machine
Live - Short Wave
  Paradiso 69 - Soft Machine  
Live (Reissue) - Short Wave
Turns On (An Early Collection) - Soft Machine
Caveman Hughscore - Caveman Hughscore
Frangloband - Volume 2 - Hugh Hopper
Live Adventures - Soft Machine Legacy
Grey Pink & Gold - Caravan
Live 1973 - Hatfield & The North
Love Me Oh Please Love Me - Bullion
Vague - R. Stevie Moore
Mothers Talk - Tears For Fears
Rock 80 s Vol. 5
What Song I Should Sing?????? //
An Ongoing Covers Project - Aaron M Olson
Storm Of Light / Venceremos - Working Week
Live At The Bataclan - Soft Machine
Live In Zaandam - Soft Machine Legacy
One Down - Material
Dreamland - Jennifer Maidland
Unsettled Scores
Turn The Tide - Ruben Block
Popmusik Im Unterricht Nr. 2/3
 BBC Radio 1 Live In Concert - Soft Machine
 Softstage - BBC In Concert 1972 - Soft Machine
 Manifestua - Edika
 Monster Band - Hugh Hopper
Ce Soir On Danse - Soft Machine
Live At Henie Onstad Art Centre 1971 - Soft Machine
 Grides (Japanese Version) - Soft Machine
 The Music 1972-2008 - Phil Manzanera
 That s How Much I Need You - The Lysergics
  Transition - Soft Machine
 Extinction ! - Vanderwolf
 Le piano Confit - Red Banjo
Best Of 2007 - Les Inrockuptibles présentent
 Alliance - Michael Albert
 The Best Of Caravan Live - Caravan
 Facelift France Holland - Soft Machine
 Extinction ! - Vanderwolf
 The Early Years - Bon Scott With The Valentines
 Keep Yourself Alive - Sulo With Friends
 Sulo s Full English - Sulo
 3 - eBraam
Jon Savage’s 1967 (The Year Pop Divided)
 Abracadabra In Osaka - Soft Works
English Weather - Bob Stanley & Pete Wiggs
 Sine - Sine
 Wonderland - Soft Machine
 Wyndow - Wyndow
Progressive Rock
 Kinfolk - Kinfolk
Never Been Higher!
 Miss Elianus - Tagubu
 Llanfwrog - Gorky s Zygotic Mynci
 Centro Cultural São Paulo, 18/09/2010 - Band Of Pixies
 Salmoni - Salmoni
Modern Classics - Uncut May 2022
 Return To Center - Kirin J Callinan
 Ashore - June Tabor
 Inédits (1996/1998) - John Trap
 Cover Me Now - Jacopo Andreini
 Meat Das Tirol ! - Tirol
 Jazz & Wine Of Peace - Max Andrzejewski s Hütte Plays The Music Of Robert Wyatt
 Piknik Radio Broadcast 1970 - Kevin Ayers And The Whole Wide World
 Ugly Music.4.Monica - Daevid Allen s University Of Errors
 The End Of Words - Tim Hawthorn & the Archetypes
 Annie s Playlist - Annie Barbazza
 Green Bottles For Marjorie (The Lost BBC Sessions) - Caravan
 Gharbzadegi - Visual Orchestra
The Progressive (Various Artists)
10 Corso Como (Various Artists)
 Live In Japan - Phil Manzanera and The Sound of Blue Band
 Five - Hofmann Family Blues Experience
 Baker s Dozen 10 - The Muffins
Sonically Speaking (Various Artists)
Somnifer/Transit (Samples)
Rock Suite 14 (Various Artists)
 Inner Core - Gaia Mattiuzzi
 Memories - Kees Meijlink & Coos de Groot
 Cover Tape - Zacht Automaat
 No Coast #1 - No Coast Collective
 70 - RG Rough
 There Isn’t a Window That I Won’t Look Out Of - M.T. Hadley
 Retrospective My Eye - TNHCH
 Out Of The Darkness...  
 Haunted Chateau 1969 - Gong
 Lisälehtiä Korpraali Kukkakaalin Laulukirjaan - Suonna Kononen
 A Night s Tale - Live In The USA - Caravan
  Blowing Free - Underground & Progressive Sounds Of 1972
  Milton Keynes 2017 - Soft Machine
 Lost & Rare Tracks Vol. 84 - Rolling Stone
 La Storia Del Rock - Rock Jazz E West Coast - Vol. 5
 Facelift France Holland (vinyl edition) - Soft Machine
 It Makes Sense To Me (A Selection From The Public Record | 1972-2022) - Chris Cutler
 Jazzloops / The Stolen Hour - Hugh Hopper
 Compositions and Collaborations 1972-2022 - Chris Cutler
 The Nothing Twist - Pascal Comelade + Les Limiñanas
 Place Of My Own - The Collection - Caravan
 Eutsi! - Gose, Potemkin + 12 abesti zutik irauteko
 The Bonus Tracks From Monsterverse - The Hellmask
 Electroclash : Massive 19 Track Mix From Miss Kittin
 Théâtre De La Musique, Paris, 1970 - Soft Machine
 Brian Eno Performed By Dedalus Ensemble
 Original Artefacts from The British Psychedelic Scene 1966-1968
 The Age Of Self - Ulgebräk
 Chéri B.B. (vinyl edition) - Bertrand Burgalat
 Rvng Prsnts Mx5.5: Purple Pills For Sleepless Nights - Tim Sweeney
 Absolutely Live - SugarCane Harris - Jean-Luc Ponty
 Songs For Oblivion Fishermen - Caravan
 Rykodisc Summer 2005 Sampler
 Cover Versions - Squid
 Elton Dean - Elton Dean
 The Sleeping Girl - The Single Men
 Other Doors - Soft Machine
 Just Us - Elton Dean
 Places Names Numbers - Giovanni Ferrario Alliance
 The Plough & The Stars - Speed The Plough
 Ballades Pour Elle - CE François Couture
 Surround - Incroyable Jungle Beat
 Standard - bréchet-denizet-ponthieux
 Rarities (Volumes 1 & 2) - Lindsay Cooper
 Go - Annemarieke Coenders & Wim Sebo
 Japan Program 2
 Going Going Live - Going Going
 Real Life Permanent Dreams (A Cornucopia Of British Psychedelia 1965-1970)
 Covers - Bob Bucko Jr
 Virtually (Live) - Soft Machine
 Earthly Powers - John Greaves, Annie Barbazza
 Tribute 35 - Brian Eno - PRF Monthly Tribute Series
 Music For Airports - Ambient/Brian Eno - Bang On A Can
 Un-Herd... Volume 6
 El Firichinio - Maxi Trusso
 Live In France 1972 - Matching Mole
 Songs From Home - Dimthingshine
 Transgression - Theo Travis Double Talk
 Now 80s Alternative
 Tread Upon The BBC - Hatfield And The North
 She Gave Him Oleander - She Gave Him Oleander
 Qaä - Qaä
 Fünfzig - Mezz Gacano 50th Birthday Party
 Cœur Sacré - Un hommage de Frederic Lo à Daniel Darc
   Détail Monochrome - Pascal Comelade  
 Pre-Modernist Wireless: The Peel Sessions - Gong
  Live In Lyon December 14th 1972 - Gong
    Melancoholic - Sharon Gal  
    At Brunch With Satan - Alexander De Large  
 The Complete Obscure Records Collection 1975-1978
 Comicoperando - A Tribute To The Music Of Robert Wyatt
 Homages - Nuccio D Angelo
 Démos - Julien Retaillaud
 7x7 Project
 Tributes - Fabio Zuffanti
 Essentials - Soft Machine
 The Covers Album - Harbour
 I Want The Beatles To Play At My Art Center!
 Beauty & The Beast - Cassiber
 Brexit - Baptiste Trotignon
 The Beauty & The Beast (German Edition) - Cassiber
 Beauty & The Beast (Reedition) - Cassiber
 The Dew at Dawn / (Slightly) Slightly All the Time - Soft Machine
 Psychic Temple Plays Music For Airports (Reedition) - Psychic Temple
 Live 73 - Paragong
Happy Land (A Compendium Of Alternative Electronic Music From The British Isles 1992-1996)
Fairytales - The Raincoats
 Stere0types - Cantastorie Sintetico
Dunya - Bibi Tanga & The Selenites
 Alifib - Robert Wyatt Cover By Epitimia
 Sarah Murcia & Noël Akchoté
 Gharbzadegi by Robert Wyatt cover by Music from a mailing list
 The BYG Deal
 BBC in Concert - Delivery
 Loveletter #1 - The Muffins
 Fasano 2005 - Hatfield And The North
 Hovikodden 1971 - Soft Machine
 Surrounded - Björk
 Live À Victoriaville / Heiner Goebbels - Alfred 23 Harth
 Home To A Smile - David Gilmour
 Rough Trade New Release Compilation No. 2
 Archivos Vol. 1 Tributos Y BSOs - Bunbury
 Piknik Broadcast 30th July 1970 - Kevin Ayers & The Whole Wide World
 Turn The Lights Down / Kevin Ayers & Wizards of Twiddly
 You Are Here - Kevin Figes
 Free Will And Testament - Kabusacki Band
 Matching Mole (Expanded Edition - RSD 2024) - Matching Mole -
 Annie s Playlist 3 The Streaming Concerts - Annie Barbazza
 Bowie, Berlin & Beyond - Delta Saxophone Quartet
 Live At The Fairfield Halls, 1974 - Caravan
 An Evening With Manuel Agnelli - Manuel Agnelli Featuring Rodrigo D'Erasmo
 Perpendicular Green Hearts - WASP
 The Old Grey Whistle Test (40th Anniversary Album)
 The British Road - North Sea Radio Orchestra
 The Sea Of Music - Michele Sperandio Quartet