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7 x 7 Project


"relationships based on trust and around concrete projects - in the city, in business and, of course, in art. The alliance of proximity and innovation, the role of civil societies, the quest for new forms of production based on durability and respect, all these factors could help us achieve a global transformation. We need to be ready for experimentation, for hybridity, for transversalities. We need to be ready for adventure. And that's where artists can play a role.

7x7 is a collective project based on the notion of respectful collaboration and cooperation, with each artist contributing what he does best in order to produce a hybrid object that creates a dialogue with the audience. It is hybrid in many ways, mixing music and painting, 2D and 3D, traditional representation and interactivity. But also because different music genres are brought together, and because it combines encyclopaedic objectivity with utter poetic subjectivity.

7x7 fully embodies the spirit of cooperation while representing a coherent body of work. The codes at the core of the concept, the very specific delimitations they imply, allowed the artists involved to express themselves with absolute freedom and integrity. This is what cooperation is about: giving the best of oneself, pushing the boundaries of one's creativity, of one's individual voice in a dialogue with another creator doing exactly the same with his own voice - the result being something neither of the (7x) two could have achieved alone: a fusion. But this spirit of fusion does not only touch the artist and composers. 7x7 is a celebration of our desire to connect, not least with one another. Through its explosion of iconic imagery, we find the joy of togetherness in our collective frames of reference. It is a way of experiencing our shared culture, our universal language.

7x7 is a project that can naturally grow and expand beyond the people who initiated it. With endless possibilities for transformation through collaboration, cooperation and, of course, imagination, it can become a cinema program, a culinary week or a children's playground." (JP.Muller.)

LE SOIR - 15 mars 2016

Müller, along with Robert Wyatt, Nile Rodgers, Terry Riley, Archie Shepp, Mulatu Astake, Sean O’Hagan and Kassin...