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A Découvrir Absolument Volume 40
  Heaps of Sheeps - The Hunt Saboteurs   Lisp Service - Monsieur Benjamin
  Wildlife Supersampler - Various Artists   Wildlife Only #s One - 25 - Various Artists   Musicien Improbable - Alain De Filippis   Ce monde sauvage - Faubert   Ce monde sauvage - Faubert   Al Silencio - Carolina Katún
  The MOJO Anthology   What Light There Is Tell Us Nothing (for Robert Wyatt)   History Of Rock Vol.4  
So Much More - Loïs Le Van
  Inédits - Bertrand Burgalat   The Emi Album Collection - Cristina Donà
  Kot - Zapmachine   Life Size - John Greaves   Nostalgia Progressiva - Brunod-Li Calzi-Savoldelli  
Parlami - Odeia
  Parlami - Odeia   Hallelujah! - Frédéric Lo
  The Future Eve featuring Robert Wyatt   Luna Atrás - Nadia Szachniuk   Songs by Wyatt (Live) - Grey Lotus  
Burden Of Proof - Soft Machine Legacy
  New Morning - The Paris Concert - Soft Machine Legacy   Soft Machine Legacy - Soft Works - Live In Tokyo 2003
  Hidden Details - Soft Machine   Folly Bololey   Last1 And Last2 -  Caroline Kraabel  
Smith - The Winstons
  A Tribute Collection - Part One - Julie Constantine   Lies And Logic - Asmodaeus
  Max Andrzejewski s Hütte & Guests Play the Music of Robert Wyatt - Max Andrzejewski s Hütte   How Can I Rise If You Don t Fall? - Eric Lareine - Pascal Maupeu - Wyatt - Marchetti   A Tribute Collection - Part Two - Julie Constantine  
Field Music Play... - Field Music